Luxierge - JDX Racing - IMSA GT3 Challenge USA


Luxierge emerged from the idea that to REALLY experience Las Vegas in a short period of time, you need a friend in high places. Luxierge is that friend.

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is one of the most visited places on earth, but most people only get to scratch the surface of what “Sin City” has to offer. Unless you’re a certified A-lister (Timberlake, Foxx, Kardashian), you’re waiting in line at restaurants, tooling around town in a Sentra (not that there is anything wrong with Nissan’s products) or trying to get someone’s attention to order a watered down drink at a casino.

The principals at Luxierge have worked in Las Vegas for almost two decades, forging relationships with the people in the city who make things happen. We are happy to share our expertise with clients who want to experience what REALLY happens in Las Vegas.  Visit the Luxierge website at and like them on Facebook at