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Parker Thompson Claims First Race Win of the Season

Updated: May 10, 2019

Thompson dominated in the wet for race one of the weekend.

Parker Thompson Puts GT3 Cup Field on Notice With a Win and Second Place Finish

Jeff Kingsley Is Becoming "Mr. Consistent" Adding Two More Top-5 Finishes to His Scorecard

Sean McAlister Struggles in Wet Race #1 but Recovers Nicely in Race #2

Mark Kvamme Returns to Platinum Masters Competition at His Home Track


Thompson Handily Wins Very Wet Race #1, Finishes Second in Race #2

Kingsley Has Finished Either Fourth or Fifth in Every Race So Far

McAlister Overcomes Suspension Damage in Race #1 and Nets a Sixth Place Finish in Race #2

Kvamme Stands On The Podium Again in Platinum Masters 


"It was a great weekend for the entire team and being in the backyard of Byers Porsche made it extra special, winning in front of all their guests. We dominated Race #1 in the wet and brought home our first race win of the season. I grabbed a second podium finish in Race #2 on a drying track."

"Moving forward, I’m confident we’ll rack up more race wins. We’ve made a statement to the series that we’re here to contend for the championship. A huge thank you to Jeremy [Dale] and Harrison [Brix] for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the #3/JDX Racing/Hertz/Byers Porsche."


"We had a very solid weekend, finishing fourth in Race #1 and fifth in Race #2. With the changing conditions, I was always trying to figure out how to drive the track and I had some corners that I needed to get better at but by the time I had made some real improvements to my lap times, I couldn’t catch the leaders. I’m still very happy with my weekend and the progress I made. Every weekend I feel that I just keeping adding to my knowledge base and am looking forward to continuing my racing education."


"The first race of the weekend was in very wet conditions and Mid-Ohio is one of the slickest race tracks I’ve ever driven on. I pushed too hard in the wet, trying to find the grip and made multiple mistakes that ultimately put me out of the race with some front suspension damage."

"Race #2 was in cold, but dry conditions and my front tires took a little too long to heat up and come in. Once the pressures on the tires finally came up, I was able to match the leaders race pace but it was too little, too late. I’m really looking forward to Montreal in few weeks to take what I learned here and drive a mistake free weekend."


"It was a very challenging weekend but also incredibly fun. This was my first race this season after missing Barber due to some outside commitments and I was excited to be back in the car. The continuously changing weather changed the track every session. Sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better. I was always trying to figure out the track and find where the grip was, whether the track was wet, damp, drying or dry. The last 10 laps of the second race were the driest laps we had all weekend, which made for some great racing."

"Mid-Ohio is my home track and a very technical track to drive. I have hundreds of laps around this place and I love coming here and love every minute behind the wheel. Thanks to everyone at JDX Racing who did an amazing job all weekend dealing with the changing conditions and a very happy 60thbirthday to my coach and driving mentor, Mike Zimicki."

JEREMY DALE, MANAGING PARTNER/JDX RACING: "Talk about a wild weekend! Cold temperatures, wind, rain almost every session and cars flying off the racetrack. Our drivers took it all in stride and did a great job facing up to every challenge Mid-Ohio threw at them. Parker winning in his third start in the series sends a serious message to every driver he's competing against. We know as well as anyone how stiff the competition is in GT3 Cup Challenge and we intend to keep ramping up our performances throughout the season and go after another championship."

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